Shahid Kapoor & Meera Rajpoot to become parents for second time

Meera and Shahid Kapoor to become parents for the second time soon. Over the past few days, estimation of the pregnancy of Mira was going on. Shahid Kapoor has convinced Meisha to be a Big Sister. Misha is her first daughter. Shahid has posted a photo of Mishra on his Instagram account with balloons and also wrote on it – Big Sister.

Bollywood superstar Shahid Kapoor married with Meera in Delhi. Meera is 12 years younger than Shahid Kapoor, after one year of marriage, Mishra was born in August 2016 and now two years later both of them also planned their second child. Shahid Kapoor told that the house in which he is living now, he was prepared about six months before marriage.

Shahid Kapoor & Meera Rajpoot to become parents for second time


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During an interview, Mira was asked about the professional career, so she had said that she did not have any hurry. Now she wants to plan a child and then decide what to do with her.By the way, Shahid also once said in the interview that Mira is thinking about another child.

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