Earth Day 2018

Earth Day 2018

Today is World Earth Day. For the first time, World Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and since then, about 192 countries started to celebrate this year on a global basis. In view of the increasing burden of plastic waste on the ground, the United Nations has kept the theme of ‘The End of Plastic Pollution’.

As well as to showcase the environmental protection measures, to increase awareness among people about environmental protection, on April 22, every year World Earth Earth Day is celebrated as an annual program by people all over the world.

During the first celebration of World Earth Day, millions of people expressed their desire in this and participated to understand the goal of this program. Typically, the celebration of the Earth Day program started with the common work of planting new plants in the areas needed around the world.

According to an estimate, in Indian cities alone, more than 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste is produced daily. By 2050, the amount of plastic waste in the sea is likely to be higher than the fish.

How to Celebrate Earth Day (World Earth Day Message)

  • Plant new plants at the necessary places
  • Participate in the removal of dirt from roads, parks and elsewhere
  • Teach people that Earth Day is every day, so every day they should take care of the land.
  • Teach your children about recycling and reusing old goods


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